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Why Choose Champion System Custom Clothing?

Why? We have been specialising in custom technical garment construction and design since 2005 - custom clothing - its all we do... so we have become very good at it. Champion System is recognised as one of the biggest and most respected custom manufacturers in the business. We can give you quality service and product you are looking for. We have listed a few other key reasons below - ask yourself - can your current supplier offer what Champion System can?

SINGAPORE OWNED - We are a Singapore owned and operated company.  We pay our taxes and GST. We have 3 key staff members and supported by the Head Quarter in Hong Kong, all dedicated to help you.

LOCAL SUPPORT - We actively promote grass roots programmes by supporting a number of clubs, teams and charities in Singapore, giving back to the sports we are involved in to ensure they continue to grow. Local support also includes a specific custom apparel specialist that you can contact any time to discuss any aspect of your order - we are here to help.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL - Does your clothing manufaturer SCALE your logos so they look the same and in proportion for every size garment? No, didn't think so... At Champion System we redesign every size garment you order so that your design and you logos are in proportion over the size range.

INTERACTIVE SYSTEMSCustom clothing is not just about producing great clothing. How you place your order and design your clothing is an integral part to the whole experience. Champion System spend just as much time developing our interactive design and order portal as we spend developing our clothing lines! With systems like CS DIRECT and our online order portal the hassle of ordering is reduced.

GLOBAL BACKING -  We have the backing of a global company with over 25 offices worldwide. Experiences in these offices are shared so we can continue to develop top notch techincal garments

PRODUCTION FACILITY - We own and operate our own factories - no work is subcontracted meaning quality and consistency can be guaranteed.

HIGHEST QUALITY We use only the highest quality fabrics from Italy and the best inks and printers from Japan. Our fabrics are independently tested to ensure the highest technical standards are met. These fabrics are then moulded into the highest quality technical garments that are worn by World Champions and professional athletes the world over.

SERVICE - Customer Service is the cornerstone of our business. We believe that service does not end once you receive the product. We actively seek out your feedback and suggestions to ensure we continue to produce the best products available. Each account has a specific custom apparel specialist assigned to it.

ITS EASY - We Make Custom Clothing Easy, by providing simple no frills, all inclusive price structures, online design and ordering, enormous range, service and a great product.

CONSISTENCY - We deliver on time every time, our colours are consistent and our sizing is consistent - all down to the fact every order is made right in our own factory.

FLEXIBILITY - Our minimum order structure is one of the most flexible in the industry allowing all teams and groups, from individuals to large corporates, the opportunity to wear their own custom kit.

RELIABILITY - Champion System in Singapore has been operating since 2011 and has developed a reputation for reliability,  quality, service, delivery and consistency time and time again. 


For more information please browse our informative website or contact our friendly Champion System team at +65-86112833 or You can also follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and LINKEDIN.