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Champion System Pricing

Price Structure

At Champion System we are up front and to the point with our pricing.  Whats more we are not afraid to have our pricing listed but be sure you are comparing apples with apples!! See below for how our ALL INCLUSIVE pricing works
Got a bulk order? Maybe over 50 pieces in a style? Contact your Custom Apparel Specialist to get a special quote.
Got a competitors quote? Let us know, we will be happy to work out a deal based on this.
ALL SPORT price list
Watch out for hidden extras!
What you see on our price list is what you pay - there is nothing else 'hidden' like other manufacturers.
Custom clothing can be like buying a car. The list price looks really cheap and a good deal, but once you tick all your 'options' boxes the price is huge. Think of Champion System as a fully optioned luxury car! Leather, Sat-Nav, Big wheels and premium paint - all as standard.